Complaint against:Working Solutions1820 Preston Park BlvdSuite 2000Plano, TX 75093

I applied to become an Agent with them back in September with this company. I was offered a project back in October and I spent money to prepare for this project. I had one prep meeting in which I and the other agents were informed we would get paid for by the trainer. However, they never paid me for my time then. But they told me once I get another project and start prep I would be paid for it. They contacted me again for another project, which I started on January 6th. I went to prep everyday on Webex, and did my homework. The agents were told to invoice for 94 hours of which I did. We were supposed to take calls and use the systems we were learning about this past week. However, their systems and codes were not working. So I would be unable to take calls. Since, this one system would be utilized to start and end calls, and to verify the Customers calling. I also didn't know I had to be wired. But I went out and got my Ethernet cord anyway, so more $ was spent for this project. I don't have means to keep spending for this company. My trainer informed me that if I didn't take calls by a certain time, I wouldn't be able to continue with the project, and because I was wireless. I explained I didn't want to miss out on this opportunity, but it wasn't my fault. The systems weren't working on their end. Which, I have proof of Support telling me it was a problem on their end not mine. I asked my trainer today, if I could invoice for the hours that I completed with them and she said I couldn't because I have to complete 172 hours for project. That is not fair! I worked my butt of doing their assignments which I scored 100s on and going to prep everyday. I am going to report them to the BBB and other sources this week. They CANNOT get away with this. I would like to file a complaint against this company.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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